Image: Lana.Sage_Actress (instagram)

Annie (Clackamas Repertory Theatre 2018)

"There's no missing Annie's crew here. Cora Craver, Julia Martin, Aubrey McCurdy, Alissa Cohen, Lana Sage and Abigail Dixon (Molly, Pepper, Duffy, July, Kate and Tessie) buoyantly form Annie's found family. Using pails, brushes and mops, the kids bang out the showstopper "It's the Hard Knock Life" with the percussive wizardry of the Blue Man Group. In non-musical scenes, they hit the right notes of pep and charm without mush."   (by Lee Williams for OregonLive 8/12/18)

Photo Lana Sage

The Magic Flute (The Portland Opera 2016)

Red Harpy played by Lana Sage. Blue Harpy played by Alexa Sheen. Photo by Cory Weaver

​​​​A Christmas Carol (Stumptown Stages 2018)

"Much of the dialogue is sung.  Some of the stand-out numbers are “Link by Link” (Pierce), “Lights of Long Ago” (by the amazing, Stewart), the haunting, “A Place Called Home” (Cash, Johnsen, McGehee and Lana Sage), the rousing, “Abundance and Charity” (Kennedy), and the touching, “God Bless Us Everyone” (Company)."   (by Dennis WIlliams All Things Performing Review November 24, 2018)

In The News

​​​​Wait Until Dark (Lakewood Theatre)

"The big surprise for me is young Lana Sage, whose portrayal of Susan’s neighbor Gloria is mature, nuanced, and utterly authentic. Alternately funny, and sad, gawky and adept, sarcastic and loving, confident and needy, Sage captures all of the contradictions of adolescence in her performance.

(Tina Arth - Westside Theatre Reviews)

“Sage does well in the role of the teen who you love and hate at the same time.” (Dennis Sparks - All Things Performing Arts)


Image: Theatre Masks & Music Notes

Matilda (Lakewood Theatre)

"“Strengths: The kids— 10 tots and a handful of older ones – are nonstop firecrackers. Two hours into the show and they still have cartwheeling energy to burn for the closing number. Because, kids." (Lee Williams - the Oregonian)

“This is, by far, one of the best chorus production group of young people that I’ve ever seen!” (Dennis Sparks - All Things Performing Arts)